Winter Biking in McCallWelcome to Bike McCall, McCall, Idaho’s first online community dedicated to all-things cycling. Bike McCall features current cycling news, a forum, videos, photos and resources for local cyclists to enjoy and interact.

Simply put, we hope that Bike McCall gets you excited to ride your bike. That’s our goal. We’re passionate about cycling in all forms — from commuting to free-riding to racing — in the dirt and on the pavement. Bicycles have changed our lives and we believe that they can change yours.

Our dream for Bike McCall is an online community that can help make the McCall area truly bike-centric. It’s already a fantastic place to bicycle, but bikes aren’t in the town’s DNA, yet. McCall, Idaho was dubbed “Ski Town USA” for a reason — and it had nothing to do with bicycles!

Everyone knows that McCall is a fantastic place to mountain bike. The access to beautiful trails and logging roads is second to none. Road biking in the area is also very nice — and thanks to hard work from folks like Valley County Pathways and others, it has the potential to be excellent. The most exciting thing about cycling in McCall is that it’s an ideal area for bicycle commuting. The bulk of the population lives just a few miles from the town center, there are already fairly well established bike routes, traffic is moderate, and the hills are relatively gentle.

We know that getting into bicycling is both exciting and potentially a bit intimidating. Buying a bicycle is a real investment and often requires a great deal of research and shopping. Figuring out where to ride, what gear to own and how to perform routine maintenance takes time. Bike McCall can serve as a hub for helping streamline this process, educating new and experienced cyclists, and increasing bicycle ridership two wheels at at time.

We hope that you participate and become part of the Bike McCall community! Ride more.